Pretium is built on the idea of partnerships.

Pretium views our partnership approach as a key driver for project success. Our expertise spans across all parts of a project, from the pre-development phase to post-occupancy and warranty. We understand client's needs at every phase and have significant experience in executing projects successfully in all the sectors we work in.

We recognize the value of effectively managing budgets and schedules; they are critical tools for delivering project success and our lean construction approach will always minimize risk and eliminate waste where possible.

During our process, we spend a considerable amount of time in the planning phase, developing a lean construction strategy that is financially sound, minimizes risk, and enables our partnership to reach our end goals successfully.

Pretium lives a lean thinking approach by establishing a clear definition of our client’s needs. Based on a Master Schedule with key milestones, Pretium develops the specific plan for each phase in a collaborative scheduling workshop with our clients and consultants. The objective is to keep all team members working on well defined set of deliverables and to eliminate re-work or waste. 

Our Project Management Services Include:

  • Lean Construction

  • Integrated Project Delivery

  • Cost Consulting

  • Procurement

  • Project Management